Intermark Group

About Us

It’s not wrong to want to be the Rolling Stones. Some agencies make a big splash and then fall apart. Sort of like Britney Spears. At Intermark it’s our consistency and talent that’s enabled us to stick around all these years. After all, that’s what’s kept Stones songs on the radio all this time. But instead of playing Madison Square Garden for three nights straight, we create exceptional advertising and marketing results for our clients, and we think that’s just as impressive as selling out a World Tour. So when you think of Intermark, just think of the Rolling Stones. But without the spandex pants.

Company History

In 1977, Intermark began as Strong Advertising, and while we’ve also been known through the years as Intermark Automotive, Omni Automotive and Intermark-Gillis, it’s all been part of the evolution of a great advertising agency. Over the last three decades we’ve launched a production facility, got the jump on the digital age by adding interactive to our roster, fulfilled our quest to become a full-service marketing firm through non-automotive clients and public relations, and grew to be named by Ad Age as one of the Top 100 Agencies in the U.S., the last five years running. Not too shabby, right?