Intermark Group



We’re not ashamed to admit it: We geek out. The blood coursing through our veins is made up of zeros and ones, which make us one of the leading interactive technology and design agencies in the southeast. Give us a clean white-board, 8 gigs of RAM, and 1920 x 1080 resolution, and we’ll develop the innovative technology solutions you need. Just don’t ask us how we made it all work. That could take awhile.


Sure, the creative is great, but where will it live? TV? Radio? Cable? Print? Out-of-Home? As a full service media agency, that’s the task our media experts are put to every day; finding the most effective homes for the product we create for our clients. From the execution of a media buy to post analysis, just think of us as real estate agents for ads: It really does come down to location, location, location. Oh, and a really sweet deal. We can do that too.

Individual Dealer:

For the month ending June 2009, the Gulf States Toyota region increased their share of national Toyota sales to 13.1%, or .07ppts. from their previous month CYTD figure.

When we started in the automotive advertising business, one of the most popular cars on the road was the Trans Am. Thankfully, Burt Reynolds moustache has come and gone. But we’re still doing what we’ve done so well for more than 30 years: handling the day-to-day custom creative and strategic needs of individual dealerships near and far. Ready to sell some cars? We’ll get your motor runnin’.

Social Media:

Tweets. Status updates. Smart phone applications. Viral videos. Welcome to the New Frontier of the über-conscious consumer. It’s called Social Media, otherwise known as “the future”. And wherever the future’s headed, you’ll always find Intermark. We’re in constant pursuit of an active conversation with consumers, and our four-step Social Media process is designed to turn brand fans into brand advocates. Want to know more? Send us a Friend Request.


It isn’t what they say about you. It’s what they whisper. Thankfully, Intermark Public Relations is dedicated to creating and directing targeted public relations programs that get consumers saying (and thinking) all the right things about you. We’re a leader in consumer and business-to-business PR, as well as crisis prevention and response. After all, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. What can we do for your image?


“Anything good on?” It’s still the second most-asked question in households around America, just behind “What’s for dinner?” From local to cable to nationwide, Intermark has been putting good stuff on the air everywhere for more than 30 years. When it comes to broadcast television and radio production, we help our clients achieve the success they need with memorable and creative campaigns that are thoughtfully and carefully developed for any budget. A big, fancy shoot in L.A.? Been there. Smaller productions produced for local air? Done that too. As for what’s for dinner, it’s meatloaf, and you’ll like it.