ALLOY’s New Product

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Last month, ALLOY, the technology arm of Intermark Group, announced its newest product collaboration, SignCommand, an easy-to-use LED sign management product suite. The product launched in early January as the next generation in remote management of LED signs.

EBSCO Sign Group chose ALLOY as the technology partner, first to prove the concept and later to implement the overall product. Through the website, sign owners and operators are able to access and control their LED signs from any device, anytime, anywhere. The encrypted, cloud-based system allows users to work, and collaborate over content, securely across multiple platforms.

“This product is an exciting stride in our goal of creating innovative technology solutions,” said Stan Wakefield, technical lead on the product for ALLOY. “SignCommand was created to be an easy-to-use and efficient product that could be used by anyone.”

SignCommand also provided several upgrades to existing features, including remote diagnostics and monitoring, as well as in-browser video editing. Location-based weather information has been updated to provide live weather data via the web instead of utilizing local hardware.

This system combines a clean, intuitive design with advanced scheduling capabilities and cloud-based management software to be secure, reliable and efficient. The product has already proven successful with the clients who rely on the software to help promote their businesses.