Advertising Creative Creation

An agency is always defined by its creative work. And our success is determined by questions such as these: Does the work get people’s attention? Does it break through the clutter? Is it clever to entertain the consumer and help them remember the brand being advertised? We challenge ourselves daily with these questions. And we’ll challenge you with them too.

The work we do together has to stop people and make them want to engage with your brand. To us, the best creative work not only grabs the target audience but also gets them to act. Knowing that the average person sees 8,000 brand messages in a week is daunting, and that’s why every message we put out for your brand is taken seriously.

Creativity begins with the right insights

What makes one ad trend on Twitter while millions of others languish in relative obscurity? There’s no shortage of marketing advice out there about how you need to “cut through the clutter,” but with thousands of messages bombarding your audience every day, it’s not enough to have a snappy tagline or a memorable video clip. The frameworks for the most impactful campaigns are built long before the camera starts rolling or the graphics team starts designing.

The underlying messages that inform successful creative work begin with marketing psychology. A deeper understanding of your audience’s needs will help you decide whether an ad campaign should use humor, inspiration, fear, or any other emotion. It informs the visuals, the tone, and the tagline. It uses color psychology marketing to zero in on every detail, right down to the camera filter and font.

An integrated approach

We know there are a lot of creative advertising agencies to choose from, but what sets Intermark advertising agency apart from the rest is the way we integrate the consumer psychology behind decisions into the creative process. Our team of creative professionals combines research and a deep understanding of how the psychology of marketing can and should inform the entire marketing and advertising campaign process.

At our marketing agency, we believe there are no small ads. There is only great work that turns the viewer into a consumer.