Media Services
Outsmart, not outspend.

Intermark’s media and analytics group puts ROI at their mission core. Composed of experienced planners, buyers, analysts and search specialists, it’s a highly collaborative team dedicated to producing results through cutting-edge media practices. Our time-tested approach consistently saves significant marketing spend dollars, without sacrificing effectiveness. Here are a few practices that distinguish our media services.

Informed decision making

Intermark connection planners start with research, and lots of it! We invest heavily ($600K annually) in media tools providing in-depth audience profiles and data-supported channel and vehicle insights for media decision-making. Resources are essential, but having strategic thinkers trained to unearth the golden nugget from those resources has been the key to our clients’ success.

Precision geo-targeting

We squeeze the value out of every invested dollar through advanced, granular, targeted message-delivery. Our geo-data systems enable us to hit the most potent bullseye of channel, time, place and audience for your targeting strategy. And our proprietary i-Zoom tool brings geo-targeting sophistication to broadcast as well. i-Zoom unveils the shortfalls of standard DMA-based media decisions by allowing us to hone in GRP analysis to any county or zip code radius to optimize traditional buys.

Channel agnostic distribution

Media channels have always evolved, but the current pace of channel creation, dominance and fading is unprecedented. On top of this, the “customer journey” is more diverse and interactive than ever before. The answer isn’t to cover all the bases with your spend, but rather to serve the right messages, to the right people at the right time. Our channel-agnostic approach enables precisely this.

Premier buying prowess

Our media-buying group is the recipient of multiple top-rated performance scores from the independent media audit firm, Media Management, Inc. (MMI). The buying team consistently receives high marks across all buying benchmarks including negotiation, CPPs, posting, stewardship, and reconciliation. Digitally, we utilize programmatic buying for re-marketing and upper-funnel display tactics with proven performance lifts due to exhaustive optimization levers, scalability and conversion.

Analytics and reporting

Our digital media group includes analysts and SEO specialists who track effectiveness, conduct multivariate testing of advertising and landing links providing real-time transparency to clients. Digital reporting is normally provided monthly and includes dashboards with client- relevant metrics and insights on campaign optimization. Broadcast buys are posted quarterly against pre-determined media measurements.

Category breadth

We’ve achieved these efficiencies for a broad group of clients across automotive, retail, franchise systems, retail, QSR, financial services and destination categories. These include Toyota, Express Oil Change/Tire Engineers, Chevrolet, American Family Care, Chuy’s, Papa John’s Pizza, Talladega Superspeedway, and Blue Cross Blue Shield among others.