Psychological Insight

Moms know that the mess kids make can rival that of any zoo animal and are extremely skeptical of the promises of stain-resistant carpeting.


Mohawk created a revolutionary new carpet fiber branded as SmartStrand. But as great as it was, audiences have grown weary of carpet demonstrations in the media. Mohawk’s message needed to be more dynamic to break through. And it needed to be done within the confines of an all-in budget of $330,000. Intermark realized that the brand didn’t need a big idea. It needed a huge one.

Brand Strategy

Demonstrate that Mohawk is the brand of carpet that can stand up to everyday spills and soil, as well as triumph over even the absolute worst messes imaginable.

Creative Idea

Intermark decided to throw out conventional product demos and go for broke. We developed the “SmartStrand Challenge” that showcased just how tough this new carpet truly was. To do so, we carpeted the cages of six elephants, three camels and one rhino. If the carpet could stand up to this, moms would believe it could handle their little monsters. The animals' activities were live-streamed for two weeks at a microsite we created to showcase the carpet and its incredible SmartStrand story. We even connected the site to an animal conservation charity to enable consumers to interact through the brand in a philanthropic way.

Market Results

Over 50 million yards of SmartStrand carpeting were sold, resulting in a 9-month back order for Mohawk. Over 2.5 million viewers were engaged by the live-streaming for those two weeks. And the microsite logged 60,000 visits in 14 days. The story went viral, too, and was featured in dozens of news programs, newspapers and over a thousand blogs online, reaching an audience of 130 million people with a media value of over $20 million.

Case Study

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