Account Service: A Little Bit of Everything

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By Caroline Jager, Account Service Intern

As a recent college graduate and Intermark’s account service intern, I’m constantly asked this series of questions: What’d you major in? What do you want to do? Why Intermark?

I graduated in May from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a concentration in sales. If you had told me that four years ago, I would have laughed. Back then, I wanted to work in the hospitality industry, but like most college freshmen, I changed my mind and became a general business major. Commerce, media and public relations have always been interesting, but what I am most interested in is simple: people. I love engaging, analyzing and understanding people. Marketing allowed me to do all these things while studying other aspects of business like accounting, analytics, management and more.

Now, what do I want to do? A little bit of everything! Luckily, that’s precisely what account service does. Primarily, the account service team acts as a liaison between clients and the agency and vice versa. To tackle this task, one must have a broad understanding of all elements in advertising. From public relations and media buying to accounting and web design, account service professionals work with every department within the agency. Though account service may be a bit all over the place, to me, the juxtaposition of creativity and structure fuels my desire to work in this department.

I want to learn from, practice with and be challenged by the best. This summer, Intermark will allow me to do just that. But, the people are the biggest part of why I’m with Intermark. I have learned more from those around me than I did from a semester in a classroom, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!