A Spooktacular Day at Intermark

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There is something about Halloween that inspires the creative genius in many of us. Whether it is the perfect way to adopt a secret alter ego, or just the opportunity to try and live a little outside of the box, Halloween and creativity seem to go hand in hand. With prizes on the line, the Intermark groupies put their creative minds to the test to come up with the best costume they could think off. After a tight race, only a few came out on top. These are our winners!

1st place – In My Feelings Challenge, Maggie Pishner and Dakota Harris

2nd place – Walmart Yodeling Kid, Summer Wales

3rd place – Hot Diggity Dogs, Julie LaForce and Jordan Freeman

A look at a few other favorites from the day!

The Pillsbury Doughboy, Madison Elkin

Cheryl Landreth – Cleopatra

Alex Walters, Claire Gamble, Madison Matthews and Mary Helen – A Mime, Pacha and Kuzco from the Emperor’s New Groove, and Harry Potter

Everyone that dressed up!