A Week at Intermark

A Week at Intermark

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By Trinita Hill, Copywriting Intern

During my first week at Intermark, I learned so much and quickly transitioned from a college student to a working professional. My life back at The University of Alabama consisted of t-shirts and shorts, biking to class and a lot of coffee. So far, my life as an Intermark intern has been just a little different.

One of the first things I experienced as a copywriting intern was sitting in on a voice-over recording session. It was awesome to watch, and I learned a ton. It was helpful to see the process and how the team interacted. They listened to each other and everyone’s critiques mattered. No one withheld their thoughts and ideas. No one person dominated the process. Watching the session showed me how to communicate with my team and the talent. Listening to the talent deliver her lines gave me a newfound respect for those who do voice-overs. Participating in the session kicked my creativity into gear, and afterward I came up with a few ideas for the introduction poster. There’s something contagious about being around like-minded people. We all tend to rub off on each other and bring out each other’s talents.

Next, I watched some animatics being edited for a pitch. Before working here, I wondered what it would be like to do voice-overs. Though I don’t have a unique voice, I’m interested in learning how to get the most out of it and do scratch voice-overs.

Over all, instead of t-shirts, bike rides and class, my summer will be spent working with fun people who are passionate about their jobs, and I can’t wait to see what else I learn!