Agency Candy Hearts

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Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is an exciting mini-holiday to celebrate with a significant other, friends and family. Also, it’s a day when any heart-shaped chocolate or baked good is calorie free! Amazing, right? This Valentine’s Day, we decided to come up with our own Candy Heart messages. In an agency as fun as Intermark, we knew this would bring a few laughs. Check out our Candy Hearts:

“Talk Copy to Me” – Madison Elkin

“Good Health & A Joyful Heart!” – Kristina Bergvall

“Be My KPI” – Madison Elkin

“Love U All” – Don Chandler

“UR OK” – Kat Davis

“Let’s Get Blizzards Together” – Julie LaForce, member of DQ’s Blizzard of the Month Club

“You Up” – Summer Wales

“Buy Me Pizza” – Lauren Bupp

“U Should B Writing” – Bill Barnett

“U R Gucci” – Summer Wales

“Swipe Right” – Caroline Jager


Copywriter Joel Lugar wrote a box full! Does he have a future in writing Candy Heart messages?

“Platonic Work Hug”

“Thx 4 the RT”

“Tolerate Me”

“Wanna Start A Podcast”

“Hotdog = Sandwich”

“What’s UR Skincare Routine”

“War Tide”

“Does This Contain Dairy”

“Please CC Me”

Happy Valentine’s Day from Intermark Group!