The Neurological Revolution: How Technology is Reshaping the Brain

By Dr. James McFarland, People Scientist For consumers and marketers alike, we obviously live our lives split between the digital and the physical. But are there deeper implications? Whether your C-Suite openly acknowledges it, every business today is a digital…

Super Bowl LVIII Psych Awards

Did you get your fix of dopamine (CHNO) at Super Bowl LVIII? Let’s gather around the digital water cooler to discuss the most important aspect of the game — the ads! It’s time for Intermark’s annual Super Bowl Psych Awards,…

Super Bowl Spot Awards

After months of anticipation, Super Bowl LVII has come and gone. With the watercooler discussions of the big game’s highlights (or low points) starting to fade, now is the perfect time to bring up what everyone has secretly been wondering: which of the Super Bowl commercials this year were the undisputed best in their class?

Avoiding the Uncanny Valley

When it comes to “humanness,” it turns out there is a fine line between appealing and appalling. Although rather than a line, research suggests the border separating the two feelings may be more of a valley.

Media Inflation Means Brands Must Step Up Their Creativity

Food…energy…gasoline…housing…used cars…inflation has been spiking at an alarming rate across all consumer segments. Unfortunately, marketers can expect ad prices to go up this year too. So, how will media inflation affect your marketing?

Make ‘Em Laugh

It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine. But with the continuous onslaught of bad news and stress over the last two years, is now really the time for brands to incorporate humor in their advertising?

Do Competing Ads Cancel Each Other Out?

While watching Super Bowl LVI, you probably noticed a common theme this year among car brands: electric vehicles. In fact, there were seven commercials from six different manufacturers featuring EVs.

Emotional Advertising

February 3, 2002. Super Bowl XXXVI. Most people probably don’t remember who played, let alone who won.

Why we stick with our beliefs

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to justify why we do the things we do? It seems that once we take action, we find it really easy to come up with reasons for why we did what we did.

Same soda, different cups! Watch what happens!

Does presentation really matter? Does all the effort that marketers put into packaging and branding actually make a difference? Would the same soda taste different out of a fancy glass compared to a plastic cup?