AI Unleashed: Elevating Shopper Experiences with the Engagement Principle

By: Dr. James McFarland, People Scientist Discussions about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are inescapable in 2024 – flooding the news, overflowing our inboxes, and for good reason. AI is empowering businesses of all sizes and industries to…

The Neurological Revolution: How Technology is Reshaping the Brain

By Dr. James McFarland, People Scientist For consumers and marketers alike, we obviously live our lives split between the digital and the physical. But are there deeper implications? Whether your C-Suite openly acknowledges it, every business today is a digital…

The Rise of Digital Humans in Storytelling Marketing

By: Dr. James McFarland, People Scientist Parables, childhood antidotes, juicy gossip, humans love a good story. With trends coming and going, marketing has evolved over the years, but storytelling will remain a timeless and incredibly powerful way to focus, captivate,…

Are Your Prospects/Customers Ignoring You?

As marketers, we often talk about the importance of attention, and rightfully so. But we also need to talk about what might cause consumers to avoid paying attention to your message.

State of Fear: Adapting Marketing Strategies to the Stressed Consumer

For nearly three years now, consumers around the world have been struggling to acclimate their lives to the ‘new normal’ (whatever that may mean) set in motion by the announcement of a newly discovered strain of coronavirus in late 2019.

A Tale of Two Consumers

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Okay, maybe that is a bit much for an opening, but stay with me here, Charles Dickens’s famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities, might have more in common with the psychology of modern-day consumers than first meets the eye.

Masstige and Happiness

Okay, who here is familiar with the term “Masstige?” Don’t feel bad if you aren’t. It’s one of those five-dollar terms that makes you sound smart at dinner parties. A term that your Econ 101 instructor may have used at some point, but the passage of time (yes, let’s go with that) has since erased its meaning from your college memories.

Connecting With The Disconnected (Part 2)

In our previous blog post, we covered the effects of ostracism on today’s consumer and how warm and “cuddly” messages (including images of teddy bears) can reduce those lonely feelings and help build brand preference and loyalty. This week we are diving even further into some of the best scientifically proven ways to connect with those who are feeling disconnected.

Connecting with the Disconnected

Have you ever been ignored in a collective game of catch, or were purposely excluded from a social group at school or in the workplace? If so, you have first-hand experience with what psychologists refer to as ostracism.

The Rise of Influencer Avoidance

A lot has changed in the last twenty years. In 2004, MySpace made history as the first online networking site to acquire a total of a million monthly active users, a momentous milestone at the time.