Real-World Marketing Insights from Thought Leading CMOs

Real-World Marketing Insights from Thought Leading CMOs

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Intermark is hosting monthly CMO Roundtables to bring marketing leaders together for discussion and brainstorming on marketing strategies. In this month’s roundtables, marketing leaders shared efforts to develop new approaches for engaging customers during the pandemic. Consumer attitudes, beliefs and behaviors have dramatically changed and created new challenges, and opportunities for marketers to stay present and adapt. We’ve detailed key challenge areas and potential solutions below.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Communicating health, safety and convenience to customers
    • From McDonald’s to Medicine, brands and services need to consider consumer psychology in their marketing and humanize their communications to appease concerns about a safe opening,
  • Engaging a remote workforce
    • A new remote workforce has emerged during the pandemic, presenting new challenges with how to keep employees engaged. Brands should reimagine the post-pandemic workforce through new and creative interactions and experiences, and not rely solely on virtual interactions,
  • Experimenting with new advertising mediums
    • As a result of social distancing measures, traditional out-of-home and print advertising is being replaced with in-home media. Brands are now adapting their advertising to new digital experiences to get in front of online customers,
  • Planning for the future with consumer purchase data
    • Business planning for 2021 with so many unknowns with COVID presents new challenges and opportunities for marketers everywhere. Brands should look beyond traditional consumer purchase data and uncover behavioral insights that characterize their audience for incorporation into marketing planning and touchpoints to drive success,
  • Using search trends on COVID recovery areas for media targeting
    • Media targeting during COVID just got more interesting. Brands are now incorporating COVID recovery into their search terms to identify and communicate with audiences in safe zones. Psychology can help to ensure messaging reaches the right customers at the right time,
  • Marketing during the election
    • Decision-making doesn’t work like most people think it works. Consumers don’t apply deep, system-two thinking to their choice of political candidate or brands. Brands can apply psychology-driven marketing to employ a focus on system-one drivers, which is critical in politics, in their advertising for success,
  • Changing messaging and shifting PPC spend based on consumer sentiment
    • Nearly 6 in 10 consumers say COVID has impacted their view of brands. Consumers say the best action brands can take to receive positive marks is to keep customers and employees safe. Brands can keep consumer sentiment positive by showing empathy, recognizing the new normal, extending benefits and reassuring communication,

What’s Next

Interested to join our next CMO Roundtable or have a marketing challenge you’d like us to tackle? Send us a note at [email protected].