Stress and Uncertainty Have Changed Consumers. How Should Marketers Adapt?

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The world has changed quite a bit in the last two years, so it’s no surprise that consumers have changed too. Just when we thought we were on the final drop on the COVID coaster, new twists and turns have come into view. The highest jump in inflation in 40 years, ever-increasing gas prices, supply chain issues, and now a war in Europe have caused next-level uncertainty.

According to the American Institute for Stress, stress levels are at an all-time high with almost 50% of people losing sleep because they’re under so much stress. Additionally, because of all the changes that came with COVID, we’re having to make more decisions than ever before, which causes even more stress. In the current high-stress, high-choice environment, we’re seeing a major shift in how consumers make decisions. This has profound implications in marketing.

So, what can marketers do to help put consumers’ minds at ease in uncertain times?

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