Creativity at An All-Time High

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By: Q. Robinson, Creative Intern

Yes, there is a misconception that the Millennial generation is opinionated, somewhat selfish and infatuated with their cell phones. But as a member of this generation, I believe millennials have brought so much positivity into the world.

In the past, creativity was only for a select few. Creatives of any genre had a preconceived reputation of being eccentric and exclusive. Today, that is no longer the case. A financial adviser, a stay-at-home mom, or a young student trying to figure out life could be deemed creative in today’s world with the right set of tools like smartphones, apps and a vision.

The force of technology and its ability to connect us all has affected the way we visually communicate. We, as a generation, have very little fear of failure and focus on experiences that shape us into human beings. We want to have experienced and share them creatively using video applications, high-quality photography and other elaborate visuals. Then, share it with our friend studying abroad in Italy or with our “friends” we’ve never met.

Claudia Gioia, president, and CEO of H+K Strategies Latin America said, “Millennials can challenge the brief because they feel they don’t need to go with the flow…They can see beyond the immediate problem. They don’t need to follow the design thinking approach; they can create their own world even if it’s a virtual one.”

The combination of the Millennial and upcoming generation, Gen Z, and the ever-evolving world of technology has made creativity readily available at the tap of a finger. No one needs to be an expert photographer or certified in Adobe applications to create eye-catching visuals and content via social streams. Instagram’s “boomerang,” “rewind” and “stop-motion” features, among many others, allow the user an open platform for expression. Though social platforms have taken precedence within today’s society, it isn’t all bad. Think about it; most likely what you view via Web had to have been captured through the lens of the world in real-time. Capturing the worn, yet beautiful brick wall with your iPhone 8 camera lens, using the stop-motion feature on Instagram with a friend and a filter of your choosing (or not) and voilà! You have created content that can be shared with millions through your fingertips! Millennials, deemed the largest and most influential generation, have brought new life to the word creativity.