Where to Press Play with Marketing During COVID-19

Where to Press Play with Marketing During COVID-19

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By: Ashley Boyd, Director of Marketing & Business Development

For marketers everywhere, it’s no longer business as usual. According to a Think with Google Report, the 21st-century marketer is now expected to be a miracle worker. Success is dependent on staying ahead of the rapidly changing digital technology landscape, cultural trends, shifting consumer expectations, and now the coronavirus.

To help marketers during this challenging time, we hosted a Virtual Marketing Happy Hour During COVID-19 following our ‘Psychology of Fear: Consumer Behavior and Marketing During a Pandemic’ webinar. We were joined by CMOs and business leaders from leading financial services, automotive, education, entertainment, food and healthcare companies for a discussion on specific marketing challenges, changing customer behaviors, and creative strategies to adapt. Most expressed excitement about opportunities to innovate their business and give back to the community. 

Here are some highlights:
  • Life Insurance: We’re focused on being very intentional in our messaging as consumers are oversaturated with information right now. Our digital business is performing very well. We’re busier than we’ve ever been and are hosting a lot of webinars to help educate, and provide assurance to customers. 
  • Flooring: We’ve changed our consumer messaging around safety and security in social media following the webinar. Homeowners aren’t allowing contractors into their homes and as a result so we’re moving our business online. A marketing leader of a flooring company stated, “We have to grab customers on a virtual shelf as opposed to a physical shelf.”
  • Government: We’ve softened our messaging to HR directors to be more helpful during layoffs. We’re also making drug testing available online and through employers instead of labs. Our industry is changing quickly, and while the market will recover, we’re worried about the lack of discretionary spending following COVID-19. 
  • Education: We’re focusing on our existing business as opposed to new growth. Fortunately, our marketing spend hasn’t been impacted. We’re focusing a lot on our digital channels and hosting online digital events while pushing content marketing to keep our audience engaged. 
  • Entertainment: We’ve closed all of our casinos but are doing direct calls to our guests. People can still go online to play. Most importantly, we’re focused on building partnerships in our community right now. Looking forward, we’re already planning for social distancing policies when our casinos open. 
  • Automotive: We’ve changed our messaging to put people at ease. We’re looking at ways to help essential workers. A marketing leader at a transmission repair company stated, “We now have an opportunity to lean in, offer respect, and celebrate our essential workers. These are the people who keep our grocery stores stocked and deliver food to our doors.”
  • Healthcare: We’ve converted our entire business to telemedicine and are growing exponentially. In healthcare, telemedicine has been a long time coming, and it’s finally here. 

We were all inspired by our discussion and accepted that our new normal isn’t normal at all. The marketing leaders from our happy hour are moving quickly to adapt their messaging and content; to move their business online; to give back to the community; and to invest in their remote workforce.  The transmission repair marketing leader stated this in conclusion, “It’s important for all of us to decide what to hit play on personally and professionally to impact change.”

What’s Next

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