Terms for Success in Digital Marketing

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By: Sam Campbell; Digital Insights Intern

In the ever-evolving business world, the digital marketing landscape continues to rapidly change, thanks to advances in technology and innovation.

To maintain your competitive advantage in the digital age, I have created a cheat sheet of need-to-know acronyms. By no means is it an exhaustive, but it is a start to help you navigate your way through terms that may seem like gobbledygook.

Let’s make this engaging, too. Grade yourself in the comments below with the number of terms you know out of 10.

Here we go:

CPC: Cost Per Click, or the cash money an advertiser pays when their ad is clicked.

CPM: Cost Per Thousand, or the cash money an advertiser pays per 1,000 impressions.

CTR: Click Through Rate, or the number of people who clicked on the ad vs. the total number of people who were shown the ad.

FB: Facebook, the social platform that is free for its users because of advertisements.

GA: Google Analytics, a fun tool that tracks data from the users on your website.

What’s your score so far?

KPI: Key Performance Indicator, or how a company measures the success of its campaigns.

RT: Retweet, a reshare feature on Twitter.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing. A search engine (think: Google) ranks your website in the 2–3 placements at the top of the search page.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization, or the organic version of SEM. It determines where your site ranks on any search engine (i.e. Google, Bing, or Yahoo) without having to pay cash money.

(Want to know more about SEO? We discuss it further here.)

UV: Unique Visitors, or the number of distinct individuals who visit your webpage.

What was your score out of 10? Let us know in the comments.