Why Videos Should Be Placed on Every Home Page of a Website

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By Lauren Runnels, Media Intern

Years ago, if someone said videos would be the leading way to produce content, everyone, including myself, would have laughed. As they say, out with the old and in with the new. In today’s world, it is vital to have video content on your website to stand out among others. Customers will be more engaged and more likely to remember your brand if videos are used to promote products or services. Here’s why:

They’re Easily Viewable

Let’s be honest. Videos are so easy to watch and require little effort, especially when they are the first thing you see on the landing page and all you have to do is click play. Using videos on web pages gives the viewer a break from reading text, and the sound and images help persuade. Additionally, videos allow the consumer to establish emotions toward or about the product or service. Personally, I like hearing voices because it makes me not only trust them, but also helps draw an image in my head, which helps me remember that site, product or service better.

They Give a Quick Reference

The quickest and most effective way to understand the essence of a brand, product or company is through a video. They are set up to be quick entries sharing a message or an objective that they want to communicate with the viewer. Keeping videos short, between 60–90 seconds, and professional is key to keeping viewers engaged. In such a short time, the video can introduce what the company is, what the brand is about or how the product works. A photo may be worth a thousand words, but video is worth even more.

They’re Interactive and Informative

Videos have been proven to spark viewers’ interest, which encourages them to explore the website. Remember, a visitor who is engaged by what he sees is more likely to become a customer. Everything that is in a video can be shown in text, but the great thing about converting it visually is that it becomes more entertaining to the viewer. A recent study found that visitors who watch videos have a conversion rate that’s two times higher than people who only read the written content. Because video is the most engaging online medium, it is the most effective way to communicate information to viewers. Determine what the viewers need to know, transform the message into a visually appealing format and present it to viewers all at one time … it just doesn’t get better than that!