Email Marketing – Your New Year’s Resolution for Marketing in 2017

Email Marketing – Your New Year’s Resolution for Marketing in 2017

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By: Ashley Prewitt, Vice President of Account Service

Looking to jumpstart your marketing efforts in 2017?  Look no further than email marketing. 

Why? Email marketing can be a very powerful tool in reaching your audience with relevant and informational content. When done correctly, an eBlast or eNewsletter campaign has many advantages. The best advantage of all?  The customer email list you’ve been building is filled with subscribers who have opted-in to hear from you on a regular basis.  Additionally, they are interested in upcoming events and promotions and are looking to build a relationship with your brand.  

A successful email marketing campaign can be launched whether your customer database is large or small.  And, there are definitely a few best practices that are key in ensuring you reach and connect with your audience.  A few of those best practices include:

  • A compelling subject line – this is the first thing your subscriber will see so it should grab their attention.
  • A branded email template – a professional template and design reflects positively on your brand and impacts success.
  • Keep your distribution list up to date – you certainly don’t want to miss this lead-nurturing opportunity because of outdated customer information.
  • The content should be relevant and valuable to your audience – tailor it to their interests, not your company’s.
  • A great rule of thumb for a business – your emails should be 90% entertaining and 10% sales pitch. If your emails answer a question, provide advice or offer a solution your audience may be seeking, then you’re right on track with your content.
  • Consistency is key – communicate with your audience on a regular basis and stick to a schedule in delivering your information to their inbox.
  • Consider that you’re sending to multiple inboxes and devices – your email should be compatible with all. In fact, nearly half of all emails (49%) are read on mobile devices throughout the world. (IBM 2016 Email Marketing Benchmark Study)
  • Track your results – the more informed you are about open rates, click-through rates and bounce rates, the better equipped you are to continue a successful campaign.

Email marketing is certainly not a new marketing technique, but remains one of the most effective marketing tools today when it comes to consumer interaction. Even in today’s ever- evolving digital landscape, people spend hours a day checking, reading and sending emails (McKinsey Global Institute).

With email reaching people everywhere, all the time, a strategic email marketing program can produce real results for your business. And with tactics constantly evolving, email marketing is a sure bet for your marketing toolbox.