Employee Spotlight: David Bridwell

Employee Spotlight: David Bridwell

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Say hello to David Bridwell, the newest member of the Intermark Team! 

David is a people scientist who strives to understand how people are influenced and how they make decisions. He received his bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and his doctorate in cognitive neuroscience, where he examined how large scale structures of the brain interact to process the environment. 

After he received his doctorate, he headed to the Mind Research Network and began to focus on how the brain responds to popular culture and how to influence people through social psychology.

In his role as a people scientist, he examines human behavior and tries to determine their intentions, motivations and influences. 

At Intermark Group, he is responsible for developing content and psychologically-based insights regarding the way individuals are influenced by media. He will focus on how real-world experiences interact with media to change society in real time. 

“Marketing itself is psychology. If you think of the academics who are studying psychology, they’re studying it in a context where they can measure and make inferences,” David said. “That’s a little bit of a constraint context compared to how we choose to spend our time and money in the real world.”

David specifically focuses on the psychology behind social media use and is fascinated by trying to understand how our ideas lead to changes in culture. 

“In this world of social media, people are constantly communicating what they think and what they are affected by,” David said. “We take what we are interested in and share it on social media. There, it interfaces with artificial intelligence and other users, and we can receive instant feedback on our ideas.”

David is looking forward to using his background to gather unique consumer insights that will give our clients an extraordinary advantage. 

“Marketing is fascinating to me because it might be one of the best ways to understand human psychology,” David said. 

Welcome David!