How We Beat the Alabama Heat

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Ahh, summertime in Alabama. Days are longer, grass is greener, and afternoon temperatures are in the 90s with 1000% humidity. It is safe to say summer is a scorcher, but if you know how to beat the heat, it is the best time of year! Check out what Intermarkers do to stay cool all summer long:

“Go to the lake.” – Jake McKenzie, CEO

“Swimming. Whether it’s at a lake, river or pool, I LOVE the water!” – Brooke Winfrey, Accounting

“Cold beer, hiding from the sun, painting winter landscapes, using pictures of autumn as my desktop wallpaper, and dreaming of a time when the sun isn’t actively trying to kill me.” – Wes Carter, IDD

“A weekend at the beach or the lake!” – Mary Kathryn Woods, Small Business

“I love going to breweries! Beer and A.C. What more could you ask for?” – Caroline Jager, Account Service

“Travel to the West Coast.” – Aaron Carter, Creative

“Popsicles!” – Kim Bailey, Media

“Embrace it and get out on the water: boating, canoeing, kayaking.” – Jim Crapia, Alloy

To no one’s surprise, 67% of the office said the best way to beat the heat is to go to the pool. So, go grab yourself a float, a bottle of sunscreen and stay cool this summer.