Intermark Refreshes Its Website

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“There have been a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes at Intermark, and we want our website to reflect that.” – Hillary McDaniel, Art Director

We’re proud of the work we’ve been doing, so the first thing you see on our site is a preview of our latest work. We’ve also added a new function called, “Thought Grenades.” Throw us your problem, and we’ll come back with a solution for you within 24 hours. We’ve integrated our blog with our homepage, so to stay in the loop, make sure to bookmark As an added bonus, you can see blog posts sorted by the latest news at the bottom of our homepage. Over all, the site functions better, whether you’re visiting us on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

Our goal is to create a site that is easy to update and accessible to all in our agency. It’s a part of our agency culture: We believe everyone has a voice and has the power to do great. Making a site that allows anyone to update it connects us and empowers us to show off the great things we are doing within the agency.

So take a look around; we think you’ll like what you see.