Is Google Adwords Certification Worth It?

Is Google Adwords Certification Worth It?

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By: Kim Bailey, Media Planner

The online universe is vast and full of possible destinations with multiple routes leading to each. It’s easy to get lost on these cyber highways but an experienced traveler knows a few simple things can help you on your journey. When packing up and heading out in search of a successful SEM campaign don’t forget to grab your passport, your Google Adwords certification.

 It’s no fun jumping through all the hoops required to obtain a passport. There’s paperwork and unflattering photos (seriously the lighting is always awful) but this little piece of identification is required to travel abroad. Similarly, the Google Adwords certification exam isn’t the most exciting process but necessary to understand the world of paid search. It requires passing at least two separate timed exams with 100 questions each with a minimum score of 80% and must be renewed every year. The exams cover everything from search basics and best practices to specific tools available on their platform. Google is always making changes to optimize the experience for advertisers so it’s a constant education. Only travelers who truly want to go the distance will be up for the task.

This certification communicates an agency’s level of expertise and experience in paid search. Here at Intermark Group we have a team certified in paid search to help you reach your destination in a cost-effective way whether that’s increasing overall brand awareness or conversions. This understanding helps us navigate the complex world of Google Adwords and create campaigns in the most efficient and effective way.

As you learn more about Google’s features you begin to see new opportunities and options for campaign execution and expand your overall understanding of paid search. All the topics covered in the exam prepare you for success. You not only learn about the newest reporting features but how these updates can translate to improved bidding strategies and campaign performance. Options I was once unaware of I can now utilize to produce higher key performance indicators (KPI’s) and help my clients reach their audience at their desktop or within the very important mobile search space.

I have grown my own knowledge of Adwords exponentially within the last year and certification was the first step. Of course, studying for these exams is not my favorite part of the job but I know what a difference it can make.  The investment in time and energy yields results unattainable for those unwilling to make the commitment. Certification is certainly worth the effort and has been an integral part of my development. So, grab your passport and meet me at the gate or I may just beat you to the final stop.