It’s Time to Make Time

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By: Lexi Warren; Copywriting Intern

I have a quote hanging in my office that reads: “The right time is any time that one is still so lucky as to have.” – Henry James

We all say we’re going to do things in life.

–          “One day I’m going to start working out and have the body I always wanted.”

–          “One day I’m going to start taking my photography more seriously.”

–          “One day I’m going to teach myself how to play the guitar.”

The problem is that the days turn into months that turn into years, and you wake up one day and realize you haven’t accomplished all that you wanted to do. While a lot of things we want in life are limited by money, obligations and time, we must be actively making time for the things that we often push to the side.

One method I have for accomplishing these goals is designating time during my day for a passion project. A passion project is defined as “something you work on outside of your chosen career path that gives you satisfaction and happiness and puts you into a state of flow.”

By being able to pursue something you’re passionate about outside of work, you can improve productivity and confidence in the workplace as well. Pursuing a passion project can give you more confidence in your abilities, less stress when dedicating time to work-related tasks and some extra time throughout the week to do something for yourself. They can also help you hone your talents and use them more effectively as well as help maintain or build your work ethic. Passion projects can put you into a state of “flow” where you are able to conceptualize and think freely, generating the highest quality of work.

Having passion projects can also make you stand out from your competitors in the job market. When looking at future job candidates, employers are looking for more than just a strong resumé. Instead of blending in with the crowd, make your application stand out with your passion for wildlife, talent with pottery, or knack for woodworking. These activities may not be work related, but they can show your strong character and dedication to your passions.

While it may seem like making time in your packed schedule is impossible, moving things around and getting in a few hours a week of passion project time is doable and can really help improve your productivity at work and in everyday life.