Intermark Group Launches Fall TV Preview Website

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Get the scoop on the upcoming fall TV lineup, listen to what the experts are saying and test your knowledge against the media buyers, all on our new fall TV preview website, The website shows you the importance of strategic media buying, bringing entertainment into what might seem like a dull aspect of the business. Grab a beer and join the media buyers in their podcast as they chat about the 2017 fall lineup while keeping in mind the business opportunities of which companies can take advantage.

“We hope to extend some fun and education to our clients and any other interested parties by giving them access to previews and our thinking in a format where they can view at their leisure,” said Jim Poh, senior vice president of communications and media director. “The site is interactive as well and offers our visitors the opportunity to match picks with the experts!”

This is our first year showcasing research on a digital platform. In previous years, we have invited selected guests to an open forum summit, but this step into the digital realm will reach a wider audience. The website features podcasts, a quiz to see if your television picks match those of the experts, as well as a chart that shows fall program trailers for the new season.

“Understanding the viewer psyche is critical to the media planning process,” said Jake McKenzie, CEO of Intermark Group. “This is what sets us apart from other advertising agencies. We understand when, where and how to best engage audiences to influence beliefs and change their behavior.”

Our media department has placed over $1 billion worth of ad impressions in the past two decades. They understand the necessity of showcasing a brand’s message by applying persuasive psychology, as well as gaining the most value for the client’s dollar. With the use of modern tracking systems and state-of-the-art software to determine exactly where consumers are spending their time and attention, the media group has formed relationships with hundreds of networks, radio stations, publications and other media outlets to ensure clients’ messages are getting the best placement and return on investment.