Everyone’s Using a Smart Phone

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By: April Terry, Media Planner

Mobile targeting shouldn’t be exclusive to Millennials and Generation Z. Even older generations are using smartphones more than previously known. Mobile advertising is efficient for targeting just about any demographic.

1.       Smartphone Ownership

Nearly 50% of Silent Generationers, people over age 72, have smartphones. At least 75% of members of other generations own smartphones.

2.       News Sources

Fewer than 10% of Millennials read newspapers for their daily news, which is not all that surprising. What’s more interesting is that over 40% of people in the Silent Generation consume their daily news on a mobile device or digitally.

3.       Social Media

Millennials and Gen Zers are using social media the most on their smartphones, but that doesn’t mean Boomers, Gen Xers and the Silent Generation can be reached efficiently via mobile social media advertisements. And 45% of Gen Xers use social media on their smartphones several times daily, while 33% of Baby Boomers using social media on their smartphones multiple times per day.

Members of all generations use smartphones heavily, and advertisers can rely on mobile advertising due to its cost efficiency in reaching those generations