Never the Same

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By Trinita Hill, Copywriting Intern

Working at Intermark was a great experience. I learned so much about copywriting. It’s not an easy job, but I really like it. I learned how to write headlines, taglines, manifestos and scripts. Doing the creative projects taught me how the campaign process works. Joel (senior copywriter) and Lauren (associate creative director) were very supportive throughout the internship. I also had a great art director, Elise, from whom I learned so much.

Throughout the internship, there were moments when I was too hard on myself. But I had to drop the frustration and allow myself to learn. Most of the time that meant watching how things are done. Copywriting is a skill that develops with time, and experiencing life helps develop it. Also, I learned how to present to clients. I realized constant practicing helps get rid of some of the anxiety.       

My favorite thing about working at Intermark was the environment and the people. There wasn’t a day I dreaded coming in. Even when I had had a bad morning, I felt much better when I came to work. Not a lot of people can say their day got better when they showed up to work.

One of my favorite memories was riding in a Porsche after our final presentation. After the ride, one of the drivers had to help me out. I was so shaken up that I had to sit down. I could still feel the sharp turns of the car when I went to bed that night. Another favorite memory would be going to lunch with all of the creatives for my last day.

Over all, this internship program taught me how not to write copy, and learning from those mistakes will help me improve in the future. I also learned about new things that had nothing to do with copywriting. No day at Intermark was the same, and after working here, I’ll never be the same.