PR As Told by GIFs

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By Summer Wales, Senior Account Executive, Public Relations

PR is not for the faint of heart. It’s ever-changing and fast-paced, but at the end of the day it’s an extremely rewarding career field. To stick with a current social media trend, I present to you PR As Told by GIFs.

1. When you’ve barely gotten any emails all day.

2. When you finally get coverage on something you’ve been pitching for days.

3. When your team nails a new business pitch.

4. When you’ve annoyed a reporter with constant calls and emails, and he still won’t answer.

5. When a pressing issue calls for all hands on deck around the agency.

6. When people say all you do is play on Facebook.

7. When an idea hits you and you must get it out before you get interrupted.

8. And when you get interrupted…

9. When you catch a crisis before it happens.

10. When it’s time to go to happy hour with your team after crushing another work week.