Six Reasons Why Santa’s the Biggest Influencer in 2020

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By: Dr. David Bridwell, People Scientist

There are a lot of key qualities to look for when choosing an influencer for influencer marketing. The influencer represents your brand after all, and we want to make sure your brand gets elevated in the best way possible. 

So, who better to elevate your brand than the jolly old fat man who gives out free toys? We’re hard pressed to think of anyone else with better name recognition and positive affinity than good old Santa. 

Here are six reasons why Santa’s the biggest influencer this winter: 

1. He’s into crafts.

There’s been a shift in what we’re looking for from influencers as a result of the pandemic. We aren’t looking for Instagram posts from globetrotters when our American passports hold little value. 

2. He follows social-distancing protocols.

Who’s a better influencer than someone who spends all his time at the North Pole, as far away from others as possible? He’s the role model we need right now.

3. His brand awareness is off the charts.

When it comes to finding influencers, we try to make sure the audience instantly recognizes who they are and psychologically connects with them. Santa certainly checks this box—we’d be shocked if anyone hadn’t yet heard of the jolly old fat man. 

4. He invokes positive emotions. 

Happiness is one of the most powerful emotions to associate with a brand, and few others invoke feelings of happiness like Santa. Brands that value happiness as part of their brand character would be well advised to get on the phone with the Santa PR team asap. 

5. We’re reminded of him constantly. 

If you successfully pair your brand with Santa, then people will be reminded of your product each time they’re reminded of Santa. You’ll give people something to think about each and every one of the hundred times they hear “jingle bells” on the radio. 

6. He’s free from controversy.

Let’s face it, Santa has excellent PR. You can trust he’s not going to slip up on social media or run through the streets naked after a bender. He rarely goes out, and when he does, he’s happy with cookies and milk.