The Rising Demand for Brands with a Cause

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve likely noticed that cause marketing has become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades. Why is that? The answer is simple: because consumers are demanding it.

Why we stick with our beliefs

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to justify why we do the things we do? It seems that once we take action, we find it really easy to come up with reasons for why we did what we did.

Why Influencer Marketing is a Must in 2022

The power that influencers have to affect the buying habits of others is nothing new. Back in 1655, King Louis XIV of France became the original influencer when he started wearing wigs.

Why Shared Experiences Matter

There’s been much debate about the merits of reaching a large amount of people through mass marketing or reaching a specific segment of the population with targeted ads.

Same soda, different cups! Watch what happens!

Does presentation really matter? Does all the effort that marketers put into packaging and branding actually make a difference? Would the same soda taste different out of a fancy glass compared to a plastic cup?

Do We Need to Trust Brands?

Trust is one of many metrics that marketers use when evaluating the consumer perception of their brands, but does trust actually make an impact on business results? Should marketers focus on building trust in their campaigns or could their efforts be better spent?

Would you fall for it? This experiment reveals our biases

Would other people influence your opinion about something as simple as a soda? We ran a social experiment to find out, and the results may surprise you!

Same Soda, Different Story! How Will People Respond?

Companies put a tremendous amount of thought into the logos and labels and commercials that they make for their products. But how much of a difference does this actually make?

Why Advertising Rarely Goes Wrong

Marketers are often very conscious of the ways that their advertisements can backfire or “go wrong” in the eyes of their audiences. They often worry about insulting someone or someone taking their messaging the wrong way.

Is Rebranding a Good Idea?

Facebook has been in the news lately for changing their corporate name from Facebook to Meta. Of course, the Facebook app will remain the same for Facebook’s social media users, but the company that overlooks the app (along with many others) will now be called Meta.