Where Will Summer 2017 Take You?

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Summertime is back in gear, and we wanted to find out where summer 2017 will take our fellow Intermarkers. From extravagant travel plans to birthday parties and beach days, the Intermark team is definitely going places.

“I’m traveling to Portland, Oregon, for my boyfriend’s sister’s graduation. I’m also traveling to Louisville, Kentucky, for Forecastle Festival. I’ve never been to either city, so I’m excited to do some exploring!” – Hillary McDaniel, Art Director

“Taking a family trip to Rock Creek Lodge in Montana!” –Justin Hild, Public Relations Intern

“I’m going to New York City next week and hopefully the beach later in the summer.” – Stacey Torch, Account Supervisor

“Going to Disney with my whole family, grandchildren and their parents. Even I turn into a child at Disney. Dinner at Chef Mickey with all the Disney characters one night and one night dinner in the Castle. It will be so great to see it all again but this time through the eyes of my grandchildren. Can’t wait to put on those Mickey Mouse ears. Magic Kingdom, here we come!” – Cheryl Landreth, Office Manager

“I kicked off summer with a family vacay to Mexico, and I’m ending it with a friend’s bachelorette trip to Miami. I hope to spend the summer weekends in between at the beach, the lake or by a pool somewhere!” –Mary Kathryn Woods, Account Executive

“My summer plans will be at the beginning of August. I will be traveling to Miami for the first time to celebrate our first married anniversary! Though our anniversary is July 17th, my husband is interning in Miami. I’m looking forward to visiting, reading a good book on the beach and enjoying the glorious doughnut and ice cream shops before we head back to start our 2L year of law school journey. :)” – Alexis Polk, Public Relations

“Summer will take me to Italy. With recently graduating college, we planned a trip for about a year to take an extended vacation to Italy and tour Milan, Tuscany, Venice and Florence.” – Alex Buruchian, Automotive Analytics Intern

“My family will be enjoying some beach time over July 4th.  We enjoy watching fireworks and the parade, squeezing in a round of golf, enjoying fresh seafood and catching some zzzz’s under an umbrella on the beach.” – Ashley Wood, ALLOY

“This summer I’ve got BIG plans: I’m getting married, going on my honeymoon to Jamaica and buying my first home!” – Shelby Brownell, Account Executive

“Ale Bowman and I are planning on having a joint waterslide birthday party in August. Like the blowup waterslides that you put in your back yard … should be a good time.” –Summer Wales, Public Relations

“I’m headed to Miami, Florida, and Cancun, Mexico, this summer. There will be plenty of sun and fun!” – Melanie Bassett, Information Technology

“I plan to return to the island of O‘ahu for 2 weeks as part as my daughter’s graduation trip. And that eats up my vacation budget for 2 years.” – Michel Lê, Art Director

Happy summertime from Intermark!