Psychological Insight

People love being insiders who are in-the-know, and enabling such fans of Krispy Kreme to spread the good word about the brand would help their love turn contagious. And it would propel the doughnut brand far beyond the morning rush.


As Krispy Kreme planned to enter more markets, the brand required a broader and more contemporary platform. We wanted to ensure that Krispy Kreme wasn’t just thought of for breakfast but was considered as a snack brand for all day...

Brand Strategy

Turn morning Krispy Kreme users into all-day brand advocates by giving them a high-engagement social platform to interact with the brand on a daily basis.

Creative Idea

Intermark overhauled the entire digital presence that Krispy Kreme had. We started by redesigning their website, making it into a more 24/7 hub with activities, feeds and interactivity for its consumers. Then, we created a customer-to-customer e-card program for holidays and celebrations. We created an inexpensive mobile locator app to help consumers find a Krispy Kreme outlet during the day.

Finally, we created a Facebook app that allowed their doughnut fans to like the brand online and interact with Krispy Kreme in online videos. We invited consumers to superimpose a picture of their face and two friends' faces on animated kids dancing in a “Kamp Krispy” cartoon. The videos could be tagged so each video had an opportunity to be shared with Facebook friends and uploaded on Krispy Kreme’s YouTube channel. This helped expand the brand’s database with hundreds of new names.

Market Results

Our proprietary FIREFLURRY social/DR analytics system was used to measure content engagement and shares while building localized consumer databases for online email offers. In just five months, the Krispy Kreme site quadrupled its traffic. The social platform expanded Krispy Kreme’s Facebook fan base to over 3 million, landing Krispy Kreme on Time magazine’s list of The Big Money Facebook 50 for the year. All of this helped their sales increase by 10 percent nationally. New-market promotion ROI rates increased by double digits by driving store-opening traffic counts. The work also helped to generate successful new product development initiatives based on consumer engagement.

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