Psychological Insight

Space is wondrous to kids because their world is so small and finite.


The U.S. Space & Rocket Center has always been a popular tourist destination for families, but it’s a lot more than just artifacts and history these days. Visitors get to experience the same kind of G-Force training simulators that astronauts use, among other stimulating and interactive attractions. The Space & Rocket Center needed to communicate this online to entice and attract more visitors.

Brand Strategy

Stoke the excitement of potential Space Campers by creating an online experience that feels more like a simulator than a website.

Creative Idea

Intermark created mini-movies comically demonstrating kids' homemade attempts to pursue the wonder of air and space adventure. Then they’re shown that the best space simulation is at the Space & Rocket Center. The juxtaposition between the wrong way to get your space fix and the proper way was part of a campaign that expanded to other media, such as posters, ads and program partnerships.

Market Results

Site traffic surged and built a ton of new interest in the Space & Rocket Center. Bounce rates online dropped 25 percent. And enrollment in the Space Camp Aviation and Robotics programs went up every week of the 2014 summer.





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