Psychological Insight

The University of Alabama creates an unparalleled sense of pride in its student body, and freshmen are eager to experience every element of that Crimson cool campus life.


The campus Supe Store was a university staple in Tuscaloosa but it now faced competition from many other bookstores as well as online supply outlets. The U of A needed to turn their "old-school" store into something more fun and contemporary for the student body.

Brand Strategy

Enhance the image of The Supe Store by turning it into a visible icon that’s a vital part of campus life.

Creative Idea

Why should sports teams have all the mascots? Intermark decided to create a lovable character to rival Alabama’s Big Al. Thus, Flip the Book was born. Flip is an oversized, anthropomorphic spokes-book who would represent the Supe Store in all kinds of advertising, including posters, promotions, PR appearances and in-store events. He even became a school ambassador at freshman orientation and graduation ceremonies.

Market Results

Course materials and merchandise sales at The Supe Store tripled. And the success of the Flip character led to the university’s creation of an even bigger Supe Store in 2014.

Facing competition from other bookstores, the U of A’s iconic campus store needed to give students more reasons to shop there. That’s why Intermark created a spokes-book character to star in the store’s messaging, where he would extoll the Supe Store’s virtues.