Marketing Trends

The Economy and Its Impact on Consumer Behavior

Let’s face it – we’ve had to deal with a lot of uncertainty over the last two years. As if a global pandemic, supply chain issues, inflation, soaring gas prices, and a war in Ukraine weren’t enough, the hits keep coming.

Price (In)sensitivity

You hear it on the news. You see it in the grocery store. You feel it at the gas pump. Inflation is dominating everyone’s economic concerns, including brands that have had to increase the costs of their own goods and services to cover more expensive supplies and cost-of-living pay increases for employees.

Traditional Advertising is Alive and Well

“Digital marketing is the future.” Whoever the first person was to make that statement wasn’t wrong.

Media Inflation Means Brands Must Step Up Their Creativity

Food…energy…gasoline…housing…used cars…inflation has been spiking at an alarming rate across all consumer segments. Unfortunately, marketers can expect ad prices to go up this year too. So, how will media inflation affect your marketing?

Brand Awareness is More Important Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Literally. When you think about how you do things now – work, shop, eat, socialize, raise your kids, travel – is there any aspect of your life that hasn’t changed since early 2020?

Patience is a Virtue in Marketing

We’ve all heard many times throughout our lives that patience is a virtue. Although the proverb is often recited, it’s rarely adhered to. Humans are impatient by nature and with more things readily available for immediate consumption, that impatience only seems to be growing.

Make ‘Em Laugh

It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine. But with the continuous onslaught of bad news and stress over the last two years, is now really the time for brands to incorporate humor in their advertising?

There’s a Time for Change…Now’s Not It

From YouTube doing away with Creator Studio Classic to Meta changing Facebook’s Business Suite, and every IOS update in between, one thing is certain – most people do not like change.

Stress and Uncertainty Have Changed Consumers. How Should Marketers Adapt?

The world has changed quite a bit in the last two years, so it’s no surprise that consumers have changed too. Just when we thought we were on the final drop on the COVID coaster, new twists and turns have come into view.

What You See Is NOT All There Is

As humans, we all fall victim from time to time to the Veruca Salt “I Want It Now” mindset. Who can blame us?